Ozon: Reinventing search experience
Helping people find the products in online store in easy and efficient way
What is Ozon?
Ozon started as a book store and became one of the biggest online stores in Russia. Like Amazon, Ozon.ru is the place where you can buy nearly anything from best selling books to the newest smartphones.
After a series of deep interviews with customers, we redesigned the search experience on the site to make finding products easier
Navigating through search results looking for "Oil"
The Problem
Customers reported several issues, such as the randomness of the filters and invisibility of the category refinement. Also, search results was visually outdated and inconsistent.
My Role
I conducted user interviews, to reimagine the search process based on insights. I've made a new version, and worked along with developers to implement it on the site.
All new tiles
One of the biggest pain points was the ambiguity of the category filtering. Many customers could not figure out how to narrow the search to a specific category. To solve this, I suggested duplicating navigation by putting categories visually on the top.
I also made the filters more specific by adding checkboxes and grouping them by meaning, and made it more straightforward by moving the category filter to the top:
According to the new search performance, the conversion rate to add-to-cart from the search page increased by 4%. Users also noted the convenience of the new tiles, and the overall search experience.
I redesigned the tiles so that you can see the full name of the product by hovering over it. It is also more convenient to see the pictures and aspects without going to the product page. In general, the tile has become more accurate and easier to understand. Here how it looked before and after redesign:
Before redesign
This is quite a powerful concept that allows customers to continue narrowing down the results, even when they have reached the last node of the catalog. Now you can keep filtering the results with same navigation, but applying top filters.

The cool thing here is that categories and filters have become visual. Small previews on cards are actual images of the top-3 products in these categories, so the customer can actually see what's on the following levels. Here is a little animation to show the principle:
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