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3 types of marketing strategies

Let’s talk about marketing strategies. Every time you advertise your product, your message generally falls into one of these categories:

Communicating values

Clear and straightforward, you present to your customers a way to solve the problems they have.

Selling the dreams

This way you show to customers who they could be if only they used your product. In a way, they are not buying from you your product but a desire of being a better person. Your product just a way to achieve that dream.

Making the noise

This one seems less effective but most commonly used. It’s based on the fact that the human brain is prefers something familiar over something unknown. It works fine when your product doesn’t have strong advantages over the competitors, for example in FMCG, but often it is not enough.

Making the noise is not even making customers want your product, It just informs them it’s out there, which is also good but clearly not as effective as the first two.

This one is almost impossible to fuck it up. Even if you failed to communicate anything about your product, while you put your name and logo out there you at least created some “brand awareness”. And a lot of companies keep doing it even though they could do much better following the first two strategies.

The takeaway here is simple: if you are not put enough thoughts in your message it would automatically downgrade to just making the noise. To make your advertisement more effective make sure you are either communicating values, or selling the dreams.

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