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Well, world is gone mad with quarantine but at least times of total lockdown is the time when you totally have no excuse to not working on portfolio.

So, here it is, I have published first version of my new site:

I was playing with Svelte for quite some time now, but it is the first time when I have actually published something build with it — all site is build on Sapper and exported statically. I’ve learned a lot, and overall I very pleased with the experience. Great tool for not making things complex where things not have to be complex.

I also decided to try Tailwind CSS, and it was quite nice experience as well. At first you have to switch to documentation now and then, but as soon as you remembered most often used utility names, working with styling becomes way easier, since you don’t have to switch from HTML-mode to CSS-mode constantly.

Now, as I’m going to publish some more cases soon, I’m probably have to update process of deploying.

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