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Reflecting on 2020

Every year I’m late with the year review. Next year I shall start it at the beginning of December. Anyway, I’ll try to reflect briefly on what happened this year. Here is some of the things that I’ve done this year:


I’ve improved my coding skills. Launched a new portfolio site — my first published project built with Svelte, which proved to be awesome.

Also, I’ve developed new plugins and published some improvements to existing ones. Overall, all 10 of my plugins were installed more than 20 000 times.


I’ve started my effort to share more. That included being more active and open on Twitter, sharing some of my progress and results.

Additionally, I’ve started my blog. Writing online is still quite hard for me, but it is an important goal, and I’m planning to continue.

I’ve also started to work on my public speaking. At the beginning of the year, before lockdown, I was helping to host the Svelte Society meetup. Also, recently I had a chance to share some of my experience on the Friends of Figma online meetup. (I’ll share the video when it’s published)


Surprisingly, quarantine gave me a chance to get in shape. I’ve lost about 10 kg of extra weight and got into biking to stay sane. Made 717 km this year, which is maybe not a lot, but I still find it quite a good start.




This year has plenty of setbacks, especially near the end of it, and I expect 2021 to also be pretty harsh for me. Nevertheless, I’m hopeful for what happens next. Here are some things I’m planning to focus on:

  1. Find a full-time job, finally. The companies I was speaking to end up hiring someone else, so if you are looking for a Product Designer, take a look at this thread of mine.
  1. Keep improving my coding skills. For now, I’m confident that I can eventually build what I have in mind, but it is still a painfully slow process. I hope to reach the point when I can experiment and iterate effortlessly.
  1. Keep sharing. Although it is still painful to put things out there, I believe that learning in public is a great concept that brings a lot of benefits in a long run.
  1. Collaborate more! I’d love to try working with developers on personal projects. If you are a developer, and need help from a designer for your product, or would love to work with me on some of my ideas, please contact me! Especially if you use, or want to try Svelte.
  1. Publish a paid product. I was thinking about it for quite a long time and in the next year, I hope to finally jump on the indie-making train and publish some real product.


That’s all! Happy New Year!

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New site

Well, world is gone mad with quarantine but at least times of total lockdown is the time when you totally have no excuse to not working on portfolio.

So, here it is, I have published first version of my new site:

I was playing with Svelte for quite some time now, but it is the first time when I have actually published something build with it — all site is build on Sapper and exported statically. I’ve learned a lot, and overall I very pleased with the experience. Great tool for not making things complex where things not have to be complex.

I also decided to try Tailwind CSS, and it was quite nice experience as well. At first you have to switch to documentation now and then, but as soon as you remembered most often used utility names, working with styling becomes way easier, since you don’t have to switch from HTML-mode to CSS-mode constantly.

Now, as I’m going to publish some more cases soon, I’m probably have to update process of deploying.

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