Sketch change text plugin

Sometimes, when designing in Sketch it handy to change several text layers at once. In general, you could use symbols for same elements, but sometimes it not possible or simply not worth it.

I’ll show you how I faced the problem with changing texts, and end up with writing sketch plugin. For my font design practice, I need to check, how some glyphs look like in several different typefaces. So I make some text layers with different typefaces selected. But now, every time I need to check some other glyphs I have to cycle through all the layers to change a value to the new one — not cool at all.

My first attempt to fix this problem was making symbols from these layers. Now I still had to insert a new value into every layer, but at least I can just copy-paste it into overrides without manually selecting every layer. Better, but still not cool.

On this point, I’ve decided, that ability to change several texts at once would be handy not only in this case, but in everyday work too, so I’ve decided to make a plugin for it.

Here is how it works now:

You just selecting multiple layers, hit a shortcut, and type or past new value. Notice, that if you already have the same value in every selected layer, the plugin will show it in a placeholder, so you can edit it instead of re-typing from scratch (handy for minor changes, like typos).

It also works with groups, so you don’t have to select layers, just select group and it will change the value of every single text layer in it. Despite that, you still can isolate some of the selected layers by making layer name starting with the hyphen.

So, if you find it helpful please try it out, and share it with friends

It’s available via Runner plugin, or on GitHub page:

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Anna 2019

Hey Vadim,
it’s a really useful plugin, thanks! My only suggestion is: when you hit the shortcut, the text to be replaced in the field could be already highlighted to let the user start typing without selecting it.

Vadim Pleshkov 2020

Oh, no! It seems I’ve missed your comment here. But, I guess, better late than never :—)

Glad you liked it! I know that is important, and it used to work that way as you can see from the gif, but sadly Sketch seems to broke something since that time.

I’m unable to investigate it myself, since I’ve moved from Sketch now, but if someone makes pull-request on GitHub I’ll be glad to merge it.

Fung Lam 2020

Exactly what I was looking for thank you, Vadim! 100% agree with Anna in the comments though. Having the text field highlighted in the pop up when it loads would be super useful :D

Vadim Pleshkov 2020

Thanks! It used to work that way, but seems like Sketch broke something since then.

As I’ve noted in comment above I can’t really fix it right now, since I use Figma now, but I’ll be glad to merge any pull requests regarding this issue.