Figma plugin: Restore Image Dimensions

Today I’ve published another utility plugin for Figma: Restore Image Dimensions. In this post, I will show why I make it and how it works.

Sometimes you paste the image in Figma and then resize it. Figma still stores the image in its original size, but you can not access it from the editor. So if you need to restore the original dimensions, you stuck.
There is a hack to do that by exporting an image from the “code” tab and downloading it from there. It works when you just need the original picture, but if you need to export it with tweaks you have to download it, and then upload it back, this time being conscious about not resizing it.

With this plugin, you can restore image size at any point with one command. It will resize the image back, and (if it was cropped in Figma) filling options will be returned to “fill”.

The plugin also works with the frames and vectors — basically anything that can have image fill. In this case, the vector object will be resized to match the original dimensions of the image. And, of course, the plugin works well with multiple objects, so you can resize multiple images at once.

Install plugin here.

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